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Instructions on Money Changing Activities RBI/2024-25/39 27/05/2024
Internal Review – Interim Recommendations – Withdrawal of Circulars. RBI/2024-25/37 22/05/2024
Issuance of partly paid units to persons resident outside India by investment vehicles. RBI/2024-25/36 21/05/2024
Formation of new district in the State of Assam – Assignment of Lead Bank Responsibility. RBI/2024-25/35 16/05/2024
Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) (Fourth Amendment) Regulations, 2024. FEMA 5(R)/(4)/2024-RB 10/05/2024
Master Direction – Reserve Bank of India (Margining for Non-Centrally Cleared OTC Derivatives).... RBI/FMRD/2024-25/117 08/05/2024
Margin for Derivative Contracts....... RBI/2024-25/34 08/05/2024
Banks' Exposure to Capital Market - Issue of Irrevocable Payment Commitments (IPCs)..... RBI/2024-25/33 03/05/2024
Guidance Note on Operational Risk Management and Operational Resilience.... RBI/2024-25/31 30/04/2024
Fair Practices Code for Lenders – Charging of Interest..... RBI/2024-25/30 29/04/2024
Limits for investment in debt and sale of Credit Default Swaps by Foreign Portfolio Investors.... RBI/2024-25/27 26/04/2024
Voluntary transition of Small Finance Banks to Universal Banks.... RBI/2024-25/28 26/04/2024
Implementation of Section 51A of UAPA,1967: Updates to UNSC’s 1267/1989 ISIL (Da'esh) & Al-Qaida... RBI/2024-25/29 26/04/2024
Alteration in the name of "AB Bank Limited" to "AB Bank PLC" in the Second Schedule to the RBI..... RBI/2024-25/26 25/04/2024
Master Direction – Reserve Bank of India (Asset Reconstruction Companies) Directions, 2024.... RBI/DOR/2024-25/116 24/04/2024
Master Circular - Bank Finance to Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)...... RBI/2024-25/24 24/04/2024
Unauthorised foreign exchange transactions....... RBI/2024-25/25 24/04/2024
Foreign Exchange Management (Mode of Payment and Reporting of Non-Debt Instruments) (Amendment).... No. FEMA. 395(2)/2024-RB 23/04/2024
Foreign Exchange Management (Foreign Currency Accounts by a person resident in India) (Amendment)... No. FEMA. 10(R)(3)/2024-RB 23/04/2024
Dealing in Rupee Interest Rate Derivative products - Small Finance Banks..... RBI/2024-25/23 23/04/2024
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